available from mid May‘24
for new projects,
from visual identity+branding
to poster design, 
and possibly anything in between.

available always
for collabs,
thoughts and
pen-pal correspondence

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Ejla lives and works in various spaces.

Her artistic practice engages with the perception of time, awareness and experience of its passing, as well as its effect on our (physical, emotional and mental) bodies. In her practice she reframes rest as resistance, finding ways to quietly rebel against the extractive logic of the capitalist environment we find ourselves forced to partake in.

The creative industry can uplift and amplify voices, which is why it is important that we as creatives do our due diligence in directing our efforts towards the goals we believe in. The focus of her design practice lies in helping out other creatives, freelancers and small companies whose work engages with socially critical questions and marginalized groups. Ones who are engaged with their craft and intent on creating a positive change.