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currently working
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and on De Vijg

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Lives and works.
Various works, in various places.
Same type of life.

A(graphic) designer with a practice akin to a Swiss-army-knife and a printmaker in the making.

Currently available for collaborations on commercial and cultural projects involving creating and maintaining visual identities, editorial and graphic design.

The last couple of years brought experience within publishing, advertising and festival spheres, covering work from visual identities and branding to social media maintenance, ranging between graphic, type, editorial, motion & 3D design.

Amsterdam-based, via Vienna (a graphic design degree obtained from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna), from Zagreb.

Currently also working on the next edition of De Vijg, a self initiated series of cultural events, bringing time concepts in a dialogue with timely commentary.

Her work has been published within different group publications in Austria, most prominent among them a group reinterpretation of 1930’s french magazine Documents, with which she participated in the first Vienna Art Book Fair, and the first collection of Viennese interdisciplinary platform Benzin Mag. Aside from design, she makes prints. She has taken part in various print-art fairs, and her artworks are represented by the viennese Oxymoron Gallery.